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Mobile App Development

In our digital age, the Internet takes a high priority especially for companies due to tablets and smart phones. Most of people are online at least once a day from their Smartphone or tablet. Mobile application allows the user to access certain features of a website page with just one click for their mobile. Due to this, it is becoming increasingly common to develop a mobile app together with a website.

If you are plan to bind your business with eCommerce mobile app, and then you’ve come to the right place. With Verkopr – ecommerce mobile app development platform you can create and program mobile apps for android and IOS platform and be fully supported from concept to launch within affordable rates and suitable time.

Features of Your Ecommerce Mobile Apps Dashboard:

Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Categories Management: Here you can manage your products categories includes parent and sub categories relation.

Brand/Manufacturer Management: You can manage your products according to brands and manufacture easily.

Attributes Management: Manage your attribute according your requirements and make product filtration easy.

Options Management: Help customer to choose an option during product buy. Set Color, size, fabric and many more options.

Product Management: Manage your ecommerce application products according your suitability and make your app easy to use for customers.

Slides/Banner: Add products, category and sale promotion banners or slider in your ecommerce mobile application.

Ecommerce Application Development

Orders Management: Manage your products order detail and history and make you application perfect for user.

Notifications: Notification features enable in this mobile app that related to order, password and username change and updating etc.

Profile Management: Manage your personal information, Company profile, address, login, password change, password recovery etc directly with this option.

Subscription: You can go to subscription option and upgrade or downgrade subscription, payment renewals that you want.

Payment Options: Set up your ecommerce mobile application payment options including Cash on Delivery/ Card Payment for your App/ Front store.

General Settings: Make your application general settings according to your requirement like Country, language, currency and many more.

Theme Manager: Our ecommerce mobile application development platform also provides theme option for layout and color changes to your store.

Domain set up: You can update your ecommerce mobile application store live domain any time without any problem.

Social Media Settings: You can add your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus) link into your application store.

Pages content updater: This ecommerce application also provides page content updater features that make easy to add or update content into your website.

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