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Sell your business products online

Hurry up! Chandigarh, Now the seller’s of Tri-city can be a part of online Marketplace in Chandigarh. Turn your Business Online within a minute, and double your profit. Be a part of online marketing in the era of internet. Make the most of your time by online selling. By turning your business online you can check out every type detail at any time like data of your customer, stock details, product details, profit or loss details and etc. as well as you can keep the record for lifetime. Sell your goods and products Online in Chandigarh on VERKOPER Chandigarh’s most favorite and trusted online marketing website. Get in touch with Chandigarh’s 1.6 million plus customers and fulfill their desires of shopping online with the best quality services. Increase your customer base via giving an online kick start to online marketing.

What is Verkoper?

Verkoper is online eCommerce products selling store  for seller in India. Vendors of Tri-city’s can become a part of it by turning their business online, you can reach up to 1.6 million customers. Make your shop famous here and get a unique name.

How to become a seller?

Fill up the online registration form (Become a seller in India) and Sign up to verkoper. And fill all the details and start managing your online store. You can add products after sign up and many more options to enhance your business online like Facebook integration, domain binding etc.

Upgrade and Change to Double

Offline selling is century old way of selling, as we are in the era of internet and digitalization, Verkoper is the best place to upgrade your century old style and Double your profit by just switching to online selling.

Why verkoper?

Verkoper because this platform is originated in Chandigarh and especially for the Tri-city. So that you can take maximum advantages from us and being the most favorite and trusted online shopping website you can make complimentary achievements and earnings. Zero investment but 100 % surplus guarantee. So no need to think just start up now, just few clicks and your offline shop will become online too, within fraction of time.

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